Durable & elegant, porcelain tiles are marvellous for flooring and wall coverings. They’re the perfect choice for anyone wishing to elevate their space, both practically and aesthetically.
Here at Quarry Direct, we’re proud to offer a refined selection of the highest-quality porcelain tile for Toronto and the entire GTA.
For over 10 years, our store in Mississauga has provided a wide array of premium tiles.
Whether you’re after porcelain outdoor tiles or marble-look porcelain tiles, with Quarry Direct, they’ll be beautiful, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.

Suitable for:

  • Bathroom Walls & Floors
  • Kitchen Floors, Countertops & Backsplashes
  • Commercial & Outdoor Spaces

Porcelain Tiles by Size

Decorative Porcelain Tiles

*Please note that we have a limited amount of products on our website. For the full selection of our premium tiles, please visit our showroom.


Porcelain tile is generally considered to be better than regular tile for most applications. It is denser, harder, more impervious to moisture, and slip-resistant. This makes it a good choice for areas where there is a lot of moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms. However, regular tile may be a better option if you are on a budget or if you want a tile that is easier to work with.

Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile, but it is generally viewed as a superior choice because it’s tougher, more scratch-resistant, and less porous than regular ceramic tiles. This makes it better for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Yes, porcelain tiles are excellent for bathrooms. They are water-resistant, which prevents moisture penetration and mold growth, making them ideal for wet environments like bathrooms.
Absolutely, porcelain tiles are ideal for showers due to their low porosity and high resistance to moisture. They can handle the constant exposure to water and steam without warping or staining.
Porcelain tiles can be slippery, especially when wet, if they have a high gloss finish. However, they are available in a variety of textures that provide more grip, and slip-resistant options are specifically designed for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.
Porcelain tile is known for its longevity and can last for decades if properly installed and maintained. Its durability allows it to withstand heavy traffic and resist wear, making it a long-lasting flooring option.
No, porcelain tile is relatively easy to maintain. It does not require sealing like some other tile materials and can be cleaned with simple methods such as sweeping, vacuuming, and damp mopping. Stains and dirt are generally easy to remove from its surface.

Are Quarry's Tiles Worth The Shot?

Jane Robbins
Jane Robbins
Fantastic Company, beautiful product I have been a designer for many years, I deal only with Quarry direct, if they don't have it they source it, refreshing as there pricing is great and they are a pleasure to deal with
Matthew Wing
Matthew Wing
Great experience. Barb and her team were so helpful. Fair pricing.
Michalina Szulc
Michalina Szulc
Basia was very helpful in helping me put my vision into reality. I had sent her inspirational photos and she picked the perfect backsplash tile for me! It’s turned out amazing and really transformed my small kitchen space… it’s much brighter and stylish!
Scott Paisley
Scott Paisley
I'm not very confident in picking colors and tiles from the vast number of choices out there. Barb spent the time to assist in every detail and I'm absolutely thrilled with the finished product! Pricing and delivery all good. Highly recommend using Quarry Direct for the kind of personal touch and expertise that is so hard to find these days.
Leszek Kasperczyk
Leszek Kasperczyk
Upon entering this store, one is immediately struck by the vast and diverse selection of tiles on offer. Whether you're in search of contemporary designs or more traditional patterns, you're certain to find just the type of tile you're envisioning for your space. Beyond the impressive inventory, what truly sets this establishment apart is its staff. Each individual is not only deeply knowledgeable but also genuinely dedicated to assisting customers. They consistently go above and beyond to provide insights and guidance, ensuring that every patron leaves with the best choice for their specific needs. A visit here is not only about purchasing tiles but also about experiencing top-notch customer service.
Sandy Diab Mutlak
Sandy Diab Mutlak
Great service, Barbara was so helpful and patient and helped us find what we need.
Richard Cotton
Richard Cotton
Derrick & Cindy are awesome people. There service, support, attention to detail and concern for there clients or consumer is second to none. I was thrilled with everything they suggested and my project worked out perfectly. I highly recommend them. Richard
Samantha B
Samantha B
As a general contractor I am reliant on suppliers for their expertise. Duriq and family provide top level service, a large showcase, and technical knowledge to support our business. Working with the family is such a pleasure! - Arclight Construction