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When you’re designing your bathroom, consider how to make the space function for you!

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    We spent a lot of time in the bathroom, so give your space the design upgrade it deserves with some easy decor fixes. Fresh houseplants, bold rugs, and smart storage swaps will refresh a powder room in minutes, or invest in a total remodel for an even bigger impact. Add more zen to your evenings with a freestanding bathtub or make the morning routine that much easier by adding his-and-hers sinks. Laying down colorful tile, adding wallpaper, or replacing hardware can create the big visual change you’re looking for.


    When you’re designing your bathroom, consider how to make the space function for you — whether you prefer to hide clutter in storage baskets or showcase favorite products and neatly folded linens on open shelves. Bright white walls will always look fresh and clean, but don’t overlook adding vibrant tile, towels, or carpets for pops of color. They’ll warm up the room and turn it into a cozier retreat. Even painting the trim a saturated hue can create a more inviting vibe. Looking for additional bathroom design inspiration? Check out these organizing, shelving, and paint color ideas for updating your space. Whether you’re working with a teeny-tiny powder room or revamping the entire master bath, these decorating tips will make the most of your bathroom.

    Sinks & Toilets

    A bathroom sink can be a focal point of any bathroom, as it’s often one of the first things you see when you walk in. The sink is also sometimes some of the only counter space within a bathroom, so it can be a good place to put decorations or incorporate decorative aspects into your bathroom. There are many different bathroom sink ideas that can help bring color and decoration into your bathroom.


    There are a lot of different possibilities for ways that you can decorate your bathroom sink. Picking a unique option for the sink itself is an interesting way to add something different to your bathroom while keeping the space relatively clutter-free, if that’s a look you prefer. Some interesting bathroom sink ideas include finding an interesting mirror, feature wall, backsplash, or countertop to add interesting elements to the actual architecture of the bathroom itself. Choosing a style that fits with the desired aesthetic for your bathroom is an important process that can also be a lot of fun, and there are many styles to choose from, from modern to rustic to everything in between.


    If you’re looking to keep your bathroom clean while saving precious floor space, you’re not alone. Especially in small bathrooms and powder rooms, square footage is a precious commodity. wall-hung toilets provide space-saving solutions that are easy to clean.


    With a concealed tank, minimal footprint and installation flexibility, a wall-hung toilet in the home can save up to 12 inches of space over our longest floor-mount models.

    Water-saving Flush

    The dual-flush actuator lets you choose between a 0.8-gallon flush for light waste and a 1.6-gallon flush for bulk waste—saving water without sacrificing performance.

    Easy To Clean

    A wall-hung toilet makes it simple to clean beneath the bowl, and its smooth surfaces make it easy to wipe down.

    Custom Height

    The durable steel frame brackets are installed behind the wall and provide unparalleled installation flexibility; the bowl can be set anywhere from 153⁄8 inches to 281⁄2 inches above the floor to accommodate a range of statures.

    Concealed Design

    The In-wall Tank And Carrier System, As Well As The Mounting Hardware, Is Completely Concealed For A Clean, Seamless Look. And Wall-hung Toilets Fit Beautifully With Any Bathroom Decor.

    Low-hassle Maintenance

    The actuator plate can be removed for access to the inner tank components.

    Bathroom Vanities

    Take your bathroom to a whole new level by updating or replacing the vanity. Often the focal point in the bathroom, there is a vanity to suit any style and personality. Whether you have a small powder room that needs a classic pedestal sink or you have a double vanity in the master bath that needs a facelift, our collection of spaces provides loads of inspiration.

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