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Tile & Stone


Schluter Systems

FLOOR & WALL EDGINGWe are an authorized dealer of Schluter Installation systems. Everything from heated floors, Ditra, Kerdi, tile edgings, linear drains and much more. For a full selection of products, please visit the Schluter website.
Products we carry:

  • Kerdi Shower Kits
  • Kerdi Line Drains
  • Kerdi Boards
  • Ditra
  • Ditra Heat


ARDEX GROUT FHArdex FH – Sanded Floor & Wall Grout
An ideal, everyday, Portland cement-based, polymer-modified sanded grout suitable for all sizes of floor and wall tiles, including mosaics. ARDEX FH is a creamy, easily applied grout with good joint filling properties, enabling deep joints to be filled in one operation. When cured, ARDEX FH is weather resistant, unaffected by water and is suitable for internal and external use in dry or wet conditions.

  • For grout joints 1/16” to 3/4” (1.5 mm to 19 mm)
  • Open to traffic: 16 to 24 hours
  • Interior or exterior
  • Working time and pot life: 2 hours
  • Available in 30 ARDEX Colors – Please call for details
  • 10 lb (4.5 kg) box /25 lb (11 kg) bag



Ardex FG-C – Unsanded Floor & Wall Grout
A high-performance, Portland cement-based, polymer- modified unsanded grout for walls or floors. With a creamier consistency compared to traditional unsanded grouts, ARDEX FG-C is very easy to apply delivering full grout joints with an ultra-smooth finish. Use with porcelain, glass, quarry, ceramic, mosaic and most natural stone tiles.

  • Excellent color consistency
  • Strong full grout joints
  • Open to traffic in just 4 hours
  • For grout joints up to 1/4” (6 mm)
  • Porcelain tile- grout joints less than 1/8” (3 mm)
  • No slake time or sealers required
  • Available in 35 ARDEX colors – please call for details
  • 10 lb (4.5 kg) box /25 lb (11 kg) bag


Keracolour Sanded – Premium Sanded Grout with Polymer

Keracolor S is a premium-grade, pre-blended, polymer-modified sanded Portland-cement tile grout that requires only the addition of water for mixing. It will grout joints from 1/8″ to 5/8″ (3 to 16 mm).



Keracolour Unsanded – Premium Unsanded Grout with Polymer
Keracolor U Unsanded Grout is a premium-grade, preblended, polymermodified unsanded Portland-cement tile grout that requires only the addition of water for mixing. It will grout joints from 1/16″ to 1/8″ (1,5 to 3 mm).

Mortar & Adhesives


Mapei Ultraflex 1 Standard Tile Mortar with Polymer
Ultraflex 1 is a standard-grade, single-component, polymer-modified thin-set mortar for most interior and exterior installations of tile. This mortar has an above average content of unique dry polymer, resulting in good adhesion to the substrate and tile. Ultraflex 1 can be used for both interior and exterior installations of tile in most residential floor and wall applications.



Mapei Ultraflex LFT Premium, Large-Format Tile Mortar with Polymer

Ultraflex LFT is a premium, nonsag medium-bed and thin-set mortar for large-format and heavy tile and stone for interior/exterior floor, wall and countertop installations. This mortar has a high content of unique dry polymer, resulting in excellent adhesion to the substrate and tile. It is formulated with Easy Glide Technology™ for ease of application.


Mix-Can Mixbond Plus

Mixbond Plus is a premium grade multipurpose polymer modified thin set mortar, high performance, one component, non-sagging, freeze/thaw, formulated with high dry polymer content to provide superior and exceptional bond strength and flexibility. It can be used for interior/exterior, residential and commercial on wall and floor.

Leveling System

TILE LEVELING SYSTEMThis levelling system was developed to bring a perfect installation for all surfaces covered with tiles. It ensures that your tile installation will be leveled on the point tile to tile(each tile is leveled by all tiles around it). Also prevents tiles from warping as your thin set cures.

Shower Thresholds